Get growing without sowing

Hello, welcome to the revolution, SeedCell allows everyone, and anyone to grow their own fresh herbs and veg from seed without having to be an expert. Growing your own, couldn’t be easier, just push the packaging, point down into soil and the the water absorbing technology will do the work for you. Less watering, less maintenance and no sowing! We are gardening revolutionaries, changing the way people plant seeds an we believe gardening should be enjoyed by everyone all over the world.

Start a gardening revolution

We’re a young British company with a new and fresh way of thinking. We believe gardening should be enjoyed by everyone all over the world, and so our mission is simple; to get people growing! Our team of designers, engineers and garden, nature enthusiasts have been busy designing and developing the answer, a very special completely NEW product – SEEDCELL. It’s quite simply packaging you plant.

How It Works

SeedCell offers a fun, clever, and waste free way to plant seeds. To use it, simply snap the cells out and push them into some soil, no need for tools. Then water them and give them your love and attention and watch them grow.

The natural pulp material, which makes up the SeedCell will absorb any ground moisture once planted. As you water your seeds It will help deliver a steady feed directly to the seed without the worry of over watering, this will then aid the germination process and continuing to provide vital water to the newly emerging seedlings beneath the soil.

Our Mission

As part of the SeedCell mission statement we maintain and ensure every aspect of the SeedCell from the materials to the manufacture and process an has been carefully thought out and considered. We use recycled materials which are made from natural sources like paper pulp. All of our ingredients and components have been properly tested and are kind to the soil they are planted in. We believe strongly in the love your soil peat free production and do not use any peat in our products. We have incorporated a highly innovative closed loop manufacture process and all of our products are waste free. (Providing you kindly recycle the back for us).

Made in Britain

We design, develop, test and manufacture right here in Great Britain. We source as locally as possible within the UK to cut down on CO2 and we use only the most reliable suppliers. We have a well established in house design and manufacturing team who work closely together to bring you the highest quality products while supporting the British economy.