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The perfect gift combination

Contents include:

Pure Vegetable, triple blended hand soap (4 varieties available) 
My Garden in a box (5 varieties available)


The English Soap Company
100% Triple-milled vegetable soap
Rich shea butter body bar with essential oils
Made in England

Varieties Available:

Vintage Rose
Genovese Fig
Lemon Mandarin


This box contains:

Biodegradable pre-seeded pods
Biodegradable coir plant pots
Peat free compost pellets
Snap out wooden plant tags

Varieties available:

Salad Mix (Lettuce, Cucumber, Rocket)
Veg Mix (Squash, Courgette, Pumpkin)
Herb Mix (Basil, Coriander, Parsley)
Tomato Mix (Moneymaker, Cherry)
Chilli Mix (Jalapeno, Cayenne)

How to use: Place 2 compost pellets inside each of the coir pots and cover with water. The pellets should swell within seconds and fill your pot (add more water if needed). Push your pre-seeded pod into the compost until it is almost submerged. Place on a windowsill and enjoy the results! keep top soil moist but do not over water. No repotting required, simply plant into your new Hum plant pot when ready!