Whats in the Box?

We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to. Take a look at our selection now.


My Garden in a Box 

Box Size:  65mm x 75mm x 100mm
Mixed Varieties Available: Tomato, Herb, Chilli, Veg, Salad & Pizza


Pots and Pellets

Details: Inside your box you will receive biodegradable coir pots and peat free compost pellets to start the growth of your SeedCells. As the coir pots are biodegradable, repotting is not required. Simply plant the entire pot into the ground or in a bigger plant pot when required. 


SeedCell (pre-seeded biodegradable plant pod)

Details: Growing fruit, veg and herbs have never been so easy. Simply plant your SeedCell directly into the compost (about 1cm sticking out the top). Make sure to keep your compost moist. Over time, the SeedCell will biodegrade leaving no waste! This is an eco-friendly plastic free product. 


Snap out wooden plant tags

Details: High quality wooden plant tags for identifying your greens.